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What Came First – The Color or the Trend

Have you ever wondered what came first… the color or the trend? Why are we suddenly seeing the same trend of color in Fashion, Cars, Accessories, and Furnishings?
While trends come and go there are those that are known for setting the direction to which most follow.

Gillian Julius gave a nod to this direction with her use of metallic cords in her collection nearly 3 years ahead of the market and saw the future with her sandblasted futuristic looking tube bracelets Remember when one bought a new car and the choice was basically between black or white and perhaps red or yellow if you were rich enough to drive a Ferrari!

And for those fortunate enough to drive a flashier car they were cautioned against these colors for fear of alerting the highway patrol.

One was also warned of the perils of buying a green car as it was deemed not that visible on the road and therefore bad luck unless one was British!

Back in the late 70’s and 80’s purchasing a Jaguar in Hunter Green then was oh so classy and in line with those that hunted on the weekends from their Country Estates in the English countryside.

Today there is nothing trendier than driving an Urban Tractor in Hunter Green whilst navigating the Urban Jungle of LA with not a spec of mud to be seen
Well times have changed, and in a season when designers are infusing their collections with metallics and shots of color so is the car industry.

One need only look as far as Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills on Saturday afternoon while sipping on coffee at the oh so chic Nespresso store to see what is percolating! The streets are lined with exotic cars with foreign plates in an array of bright metallic colors out of which step equally well-dressed drivers in pops of color interspersed with metallic accessories or leather jackets shaded from the glare of the paparazzi with metallic designer sunglasses Is this flash a nod to the opulence of the Kardashians or merely a need to be seen.

We seem to have a love affair with the future and one need only look at the Intergalactic Collection of Chanel Fall 2018 to see the metallic trend at its best and an acceptance of man versus machine!

While we look to the future we seem to simultaneously hunger for the past and nowhere is our nostalgia more evident than with the re-introduction of the retro black and yellow license plate now very visible on the streets of Los Angeles. What was once old is new again. Is it a case of life imitating art or simply asking what came first the chicken or the egg?


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