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Split-second decision

Moving Back to London was a split-second decision, a gut reaction to get up and go, challenge myself, shake it up, meet new people, be exposed to new experience’s, create additional businesses, live on the doorsteps of Europe and be based in London while maintaining my LA based office and fulfillment center I wasn’t, after all, deserting the sunshine of LA for the damp of London, nor was I turning my back on the friends I’d made, successes I’d achieved and the home I’d built, I was purely adding London to the mix, creating a home away from home and seeing the world through different eyes.

New cities bring new business opportunities and an insight into niches not yet filled…a chance to create a business that goes hand in glove with Gillian Julius inc jewelry, interlinks with retailers’ wholesalers and private individuals and connects USA based businesses with UK startups and vice versa.



Gillian Julis ” Net Worthing” was launched doing what I do best, helping people to connect while putting my inspire.desire.aquire mission statement into play. With my background in both fashion and hospitality I will INSPIRE you to see what you truly DESIRE and will provide you with the tools and connections to ACQUIRE it My arrival in London was met with a city in full bloom in honor of the Chelsea flower show, a show at which her Royal Highness Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton) had designed a child’s wonderland garden complete with streams, bridges and swings. store fronts were adorned with floral displays of live and artificial flowers and shopping the streets of Chelsea and Belgravia, a sensory experience. How fitting that this season’s hottest trends were florals and a return to femininity, a relaxed approach to summer dressing but adding a touch of sensibility with the all-important sneaker.



Exploring new neighborhoods led my eye to new proportions, colors, materials, gem combinations and to inspiration found in the most unlikely places. A visit to the V&A’s “Dior” installation reinforced what I’ve always known “what was old is new again”! and that current designers look to archived trends to create seasonal direction. a visit to the Dior retrospective showed me the influence in this season florals, colors and the cape sleeve on jackets and coats…a trend that is continued into fall 2020 A day at royal ascot introduced me to the British tradition of horse racing, fashion, picnics and Pimm’s Cups…and dictated my first-time purchase of a hat of epic proportion adorned in this season trend of feathers. no fascinator’s in the royal enclosure! With stores filled with below the knee dresses, made adhering to royal box protocol an easy prerequisite and short notice shopping, a breeze.


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