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I was Google B4 Google …….

Let’s start at the very beginning a very good place to start. To my friends and business associates I was “Ask Gillian” a Google before Google, a Pro Bono treasure trove of where to find, how to do, who to meet, where to travel, where to stay and were to eat.

The catch word of 2020 was PIVOT but I found myself asking, how many times did one need to Pivot in life, before one realized that they had pivoted a full 360 degrees and in fact perhaps gone in a full circle and back at the start of one’s career. In 2020, when Covid hit, I found myself with a successful Internationally recognized and distributed jewelry business Gillian Julius Inc, however I knew I had more to give. I had the desire to expand on my vision, to share my knowledge, creativity, connections and out of the box thinking with a worldwide audience. I wasn’t walking away from my existing business but rather walking towards a natural addition to my already successful career.

In a time when one’s age is defined by whether you part your hair to the side of divided it down the middle, I had decided to cut bangs, set aside the age myth and share my knowledge, wisdom, insight and knack for connecting people. This time I was putting value to my worth, thought behind my process and creating Gillian Julius-Networthing Consultancy and Website.

Many in The Fashion Industry were struggling with retail closures, lack of access to shows, product and how to shop or sell online. They were wrestling with a lack of knowledge of how to maximize their website exposure, build social media and whether 2020 -2021 was a good time to launch a store, website or new product. Now was the time to share my expertise, connections and innate trend spotting talent and to create an opportunity to help clients recognize and tap into a yet unfilled niche. My years of expertise with a proven International track record of connections insights and successes, in Fashion, Travel and Hospitality, more than qualified me to advise both existing and startup enterprises. It enabled me to teach clients how to circumvent, navigate and negate pit falls due to lack of exposure and experience.

The time was ripe to show others how to meet their full potential, help execute their vision and achieve their dreams. Experience had taught me limiting beliefs and habits were a contributing factor in the prevention of clients’ vision becoming a reality. Beliefs, I believe are learnt, heard or handed down and as such are not necessarily one’s own the actual original thoughts and beliefs. I believe and show my clients, that with guidance, these beliefs can be altered or eliminated or worked to one’s advantage

“Letting go is hard but holding on is harder!”

My greatest successes have been when I went with my gut, my instinct and against the norms of constraint. In 2008, just when the recession hit, I launched my jewelry business Gillian Julius. At a time when most were cutting back and playing it safe, I took a risk, stuck my neck out, took a gamble, produced and stocked inventory. My actions gave me a chance to build relationships with manufactures and negotiate prices beneficial to both my company and retailers. Retailers, now had the chance to test my product, without the constraints of large minimums and long lead times. My belief, that impulse buys, would bring in cash flow to a slow retail and wholesale environment, paid off greatly. Within months we had opened many brick-and mortars outlets as well as built a thriving Domestic and International jewelry business.

We once again, in the recession, tuned into our gut and were one of the first to circumvent the lack of factor credit approval of most small retailers. We introduced the prepayment of shipment via credit card. It was a win/win for vendor and retailer. A way for retailers to get credit in a credit crunch, pay in 30 days and accrue mileage points for travel! Retailers’ favorable response is now the norm in shipments to smaller retailers without credit history or approval and greatly facilitates small vendors with their cash flow at start up. This “out of the box’ financial model enabled me to build a million-dollar business with a $200 investment!

Many would clearly define and differentiate between Consultant, Mentor, Teacher and Life Coach. My brand of Consulting is an amalgamation of all four skill sets. Skillsets that go hand in glove in my consulting, mentoring, teaching and life coaching and the ultimate success of my clients. One title is not mutually exclusive nor limited to the growth potential and support of my clients. In order for a client to succeed there needs to be, not only an understanding of their business and financial goals, but also an understanding that each client is unique in their vision, needs. Sometimes it is handholding, sometimes it is showing the client the fork in the road or teaching the client that in life and business to not just focus on the destination but to get on the road, ride the bumps along the way and enjoy the journey. Everyday brings new opportunities to learn, to grow, to fall down, to get back up and to recognize when we need a hand whether from a friend, a consultant, or a medical expert. Asking for help is not a problem it is in the not reaching out that the issues arise.

A thought an idea, and a belief are often the catalyst that launches a business; however, it is the reaction to a gut instinct that sets an individual apart. In business we make decisions based on knowledge, a proven track record, a new approach or even an emulation of another idea already in play. The gut instinct cannot be ignored in the mix of successful ingredients needed to give one an edge. In life, love, business and finance luck is all around us but it is the ability to recognize and grab that opportunity that creates the luck. Tuning into one’s intuition and instincts shows a confidence in one’s own ability. The ability to stay true to one’s own vision while under the guidance of a consultant. It is what will set a client apart from those that play purely by the rule book. In today’s saturated and competitive market, it is “Out of the box” thinking that will give one and edge over a competitor.

Whether or not you are looking to launch reinvent , create , get guidance , confidence , help , pivot or fine tune I am able to support you in your vision and help convert dreams to reality .

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  1. Brannon Phillips March 25, 2021 at 4:03 pm - Reply

    Gillian has an incredible eye for detail and her guidance and ability to connect the dots is undoubtedly a gift and skill accumulated over decades of building authentic relationships across several industries, and continents.

  2. Brannon Phillips March 25, 2021 at 11:45 pm - Reply

    Gillian has an incredible eye for details, her accumulated network over three decades speaks volumes and she never seems to amaze. A master of her craft!

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